Found object 

Most of girls want to be a ballet dancer during their childhood, the graceful gestures and movements and beautiful ballet skirt.Although learning ballet is a hard work,especially ,after I watched a movie “Black swan”.As a ballerina, to embody the duality of the Swan Queen and the black swan can be a fiendishly difficult task. 

Off-shoulder top with denim blue

Pleated skirt with apricot

Orange pink ribbon bow


Toilet paper carboard tube, denim scrap, white paper, watercolor,ribbons,pencil,foam sheet.

Use toilet paper tube to as top

Then,I cut a round paper and fold it to as skirt 

Using hot glue gun to make frabric to stick on the paper tube.

I forgot to take pictures for skirt,but it was simple.folding it ,painting colors and decorateing with silver ribbons.

Final step, tie the organge pink ribbons In a bow.Besides,pencil and foam sheet are support of the ballet dress.


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