My fashion stop motion

Most of girls become obsessed with losing weight or getting the perfect shape.Especially,Girls and young women may experience lowered body satisfaction and self-esteem after viewing idealised images of thinness in magazines, soap operas and music videos.

In fact ,treating yourself is more important .it doesn’t matter to be thin , fat , pretty or are special one in the world.Opening your closets and dressing up  yourself!

Cindy Sherman also inspired me a lot.Her Doll Clothes 1975 is a short black and white silent film .The film begins with a shot of the cover of a book (made by the artist) which is decorated with a flowery border and photographic cut-outs of women wearing old-fashioned hats and clothes. Inside the book on the left-hand side is a photographic cut-out of a young woman (Sherman) in her underwear housed in a laminated sleeve underneath the label ‘DOLL’. 

I want to present a perfect doll in a closets, when you feel  grateful is knows oneself, whether has achieved the condition which own want, from this time on dresses up oneself, tends to oneself so-called perfect.

My mind map


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