Watercolor artists

Tasha Tudor ,one of America’s most beloved author illustrator of children’s literature.Besides, she also was a living artist.i remembered,in the 2013 of summer.i read  a magazine about famous illustrater around the world.Tasha’s picture caught my eye of the first time.Those paintings was so adorable .the different kinds of flowers twine the frame,little animals were main actors. In Tasha’s paintings, she likes to use watercolor and colored  pencils.

Becky’s birthday

In her paintings, we can see that she more focus on details.and a specific wet-on-wet watercolor technique.In general, wet in wet is one of the most distinctive features of watercolor painting and the technique that produces a striking painterly effect.

Liang quan zhen

Chinese watercolor artist

Lian Quan Zhen is a sought-after watercolor and Chinese painting artist and teacher in the US and abroad. He is one of the most popular authors of North Light Books.

In this painting,he showed one brief example of splashing and blowing during the rooster tail creation. 


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